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Local 100’s mission is to organize and represent unorganized service sector workers in the middle south states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, and allow our members to create a vehicle to allow them a clear voice and real power in their workplace and their communities.  After more than 25 years as an SEIU local, in October 2009 Local 100 became independent again. Please become a fan on of Local 100 ULU on Facebook!

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Student Speaks Out For Healthy Food PDF Print E-mail

James CastroJames Castro, a third grader in HISD, gave each HISD School Board member a bag of Peanut M&M's and compared them to the breakfast provided by the District to his classroom on May 26th.

The result was that the Peanut M&M's were healthier for him than the HISD breakfast.

James asked the board, "What are you going to do about the food? I'm now going to the third grade, and I certainly hope, with my lobbying, we will get some good, healthy food to eat before I graduate from high school.”

If you support good, healthy food for students in HISD, call 713-863-9877 to find out how you can help.

James habla con la mesa directiva del  HISD el 10 de Junio sobre la comida que el come en desayuno en el salón no es lo suficiente nutritiva como una bolsa de cacahuates M&M. James hablo enfrente de la mesa directiva dos meses atrás he hizo una pregunta simple “ ¿que es lo que ustedes van hacer para mejorar la comida?”…mese después nada paso.

El próximo semestre Local 100 presionara más al HISD con estudiantes que hablaran por comida saludable en las escuelas. Si usted quiere que su hijo este en la lista de testimonios sobre la comida en las escuelas.

Llama a James al 713-863-9877.